New Areas

Bloodwash Hills

Named for the red stones which cover the surface of these ancient mounds, the Bloodwash Hills are now home to a tribe of vicious gnolls. Spurned by the orcs of Brithbarad, whom they claim saw them as a threat, the tribe has built itself a fortified encampment deep in the woods just on the far western side of the region, which is located somewhere off the northern Black Hills. Reliable information beyond that is sparse, as the tribe seems to make a habit of eating anyone who ventures that direction. They have claimed the hills and the giant wildebeest native to the area as their own, and do not take kindly to visitors. And so now, the venerable hills have earned their dark name again, but for a much more sinister reason.


Hakk is an ancient, sprawling city located on the southern edge of the Sea of Stars. Though long famed for its mercantile traditions, in recent years something has changed with this once grand city. The old Hakkian nobility was ousted by new Masters, a mysterious group who rules Hakk with an iron hand. The maritime mercantile district is still open to visitors, but access to the rest of the city is restricted to outsiders. The famed gardens (Oren’s Garden) next to the city are in some state of disrepair, but seem to be of little interest to those ruling the city presently.

Merchant’s District/Dock – Many fine items are for sale here, and all visitors are welcome. Just don’t run afoul of the local constables.

Hakk Sewers and Dungeon – [Level 60+] Legend has it that being banished to the Dungeon was tantamount to an execution, but slower and more painful. Confusing, cursed, and soaked through with fecal matter, the Dungeons of Hakk are purported to be the last resting place of three dethroned Hakkian kings and countless other scoundrels. It is unclear how the current Masters of Hakk are using the Dungeons, but its a sure bet they are well aware of them.

Hakk Master’s Way – [Level 85+] – The Masters of Hakk have barricaded themselves in their giant underground palace. All who dare approach have already forfeited their bodies, their property, and their souls. The crawl to the Master’s chambers will require defeating hosts of beasts, an army of berserk slaves, and the Master’s hand-picked emissaries. Oh, but think of the treasure!

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