New Classes, Remort Points (Essence)

Remorting now produces points called essence. Essence is the accumulated power of your life force, or atman, in the universe of TFE. Essence can be at rest (available to use), can be channeled into characters (allocated), or can be expended permanently. One way to spend essence is to unlock classes. The following are new classes that are unlockable using essence:


Recently, its been noted that a few of the deities are making their presence a bit more known in the world. In particular, reavers of Ulthi have been seen traveling the realm sowing destruction and chaos. The large temple to Ulthi in Denab-Knur seems to be their de facto headquarters. Morr’s harbingers, minstrels dedicated to the Death god, make regular appearances sporting large weaponry and singing new songs of battle.


The Legate of Kerog are an ancient order of warriors dedicated to spreading the worship of Kerog through careful study of his domain – warfare. To this end, the legate study esoteric techniques of melee dating back time immemorial. Legates are weapon specialists that develop a concentration with one weapon type, but can later expand their expertise to other weapon types as they gain experience. Because legates require a limberness and quickness beyond those of a mere warrior, they must wear lighter armors on their body, their arms, and their legs.


Harbingers of Morr are bards dedicated to spreading the worship and exaltation of Morr. As all living beings will eventually be shepherded into the afterlife with his grace, harbingers take it upon themselves to sing his praises to those who will listen, and to bring those who defy his glory into his loving embrace with all possible haste. Unlike most other bards, harbingers do not eschew the usage of large weaponry. In fact, they have developed unique talents which rely on the use of two-handed weapons such as Morr’s reach, Morr’s gentle touch, and Morr’s comforting embrace. Borrowing from their warrior brethren, harbingers also gain cleave, great cleave, and even charge. Harbingers further distinguish themselves from boring one-town, one-song troubadours with slightly different dances, an affinity for shadows, and a lack of the combat attunement skills. Obviously, they regard the bardic practices of sneaking and hiding as nothing but cowardice.

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