Although players can access TFE using a standard telnet client, specialized MUD client software provides the best game play experience.  The following desktop and web-based clients are recommended for use with TFE.

Desktop Clients

Mudlet – Recommended

  • Modern, free, multi-platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) mud client
  • Combined with a set of basic triggers this is a great way to play TFE!
  • Supports GMCP – access information like your hitpoints via gmcp.Char.Vitals.hp


  • Ye Olde Skool free client, ideal for Linux shell users, also runs on Windows and OSX.
  • Simple in appearance yet powerful


  • Web-based client – has the basics
  • Supports some GMCP data – you’ll see gauges for hp, mv, etc.

Mobile Clients


  • iOS client works on iPhone and iPad


  • Android client


Join our Discord server to get access to in-game channels like OOC while disconnected from the game, or while away from your computer. More information here.