New Players

For completely new players we recommend reading through these:

TFE – 3D Map

TFE Reference Guide

Warning, spoilers! This document is an extensive guide to playing TFE – information on areas are provided in detail, what gear to get, how to do quests, how to get skills, etc. Highly recommended for new and old players alike: TFEv7
Special thanks to Uni for providing this guide.

TFE Identify Website (old)

Originally created by Vok, now owned and maintained by Uni. This is a great website for searching for gear using a complex filter: ItemFilter

Special thanks to Uni for maintaining and hosting the identify website.

TFE Identify Website (new)

Created by Mojune using way newer technology. This site has more up to date gear. It is still under construction. Check it out: ItemFilter

If you like this website, consider contributing your catalog: Contribute

Special thanks to Mojune for maintaining and hosting the identify website.

MUD Clients

If you are serious about this game you need a MUD client. Mudlet is recommended – use our set of basic triggers with it.

Mudlet Mapper

Here are some tfemudletmapper_v3 for getting started with using the mapper within Mudlet. Unzip the two XML files. In Mudlet, go to your Package Manager, select Install, and install both of the XML modules one at a time. Give the mudlet-mapper module a priority of 0, and the mudlet mapper tfe-mud a priority of 1. Check the Sync checkbox for both. Close and re-open Mudlet. Click the Map button within Mudlet and it should automatically start working.

Special thanks to Corim for providing the mod, and Uni for sharing his map.

Mudlet Autoreconnect

Here are some step by step instructions on how to setup your own autoreconnect program. Shooth is expecting folks to die of starvation and dehydration, so please do not disappoint him.

Special thanks to Milthian for writing the code, and Uni for documenting.

Mudlet Gauge

Here is a gauge example utilizing the newly implemented gmcp functionality. Download the zip file, import the xml into Mudlet and it should start working.

Special thanks to Uni for writing the code.

Mudlet Tabbed Chat

Here is a tabbed chat system that utilizes OpenWindows function within Mudlet, allowing you to tab the windows or drag them whatever you want independently.

Special thanks to Uni for writing the code.