Accounts Change – April 8th

The accounts concept will be returning to TFE on April 8th. See my in-game announcements notes for details.

The game will shut down at about 8 AM CDT (UTC-5) on April 8th.

Accounts will be created automatically. Your characters will be grouped into an account based on the email address on the character.

Your account name and password will be the same as your most recently logged in character’s name and password.

To access the game you will enter your account name and password, then enter the name of the character you wish to play.

Your account name will be public on each character via the ‘whois’ command unless you set the incognito option on those characters.

See the other note for more details. If you have trouble accessing your characters during the transition, try the recovery menu first, then email tfe /at/ with your character name(s) for help.


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