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Hello again, folks!

In part of our effort to bring TFE up to speed a bit we’re launching our web forums, available at:

We’re going to work on migrating the Noteboard information over into the Forum databases; right now we have two categories: OOC and Noteboards. Only the “General” noteboard is currently available on the forums as we work on migrating the in-game information over to the forum side. You DO NOT need to register; simply log in with your player’s credentials and you’ll be set up!


Server Update Update

After another nasty spot of downtime, we’re back. This time, we’re staying back.

Thank you all for sticking with us through the last few days; it’s been unpleasant all around. Now we’re finally settled on our new server with the new website and everything should be just fine. As always, let the staff know of any issues as they come up. We did have to revert back to our 4/27 pfile backup to avoid any possibility of corruption.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and support.



The change to the new server brought with it a lot of errors and bugs due to the change of server architecture. No worries; our team is hard at work to get the MUD back online. We expect to be back up and running Monday, April 29th. Meanwhile, I’ve been working hard on getting the website working again with all the bells and whistles. Take a look and let me know what you think.



New Server – New Webpage – New Stuff!

Hey there folks and welcome to the new webpage for The Forest’s Edge. We’ve just migrated to our new server which gives us a lot more horsepower to play with, and that means more fun goodies for all of you.

Thanks for your patience with our recent downtime; it was a rough few hours but we’re back now and we’re ready to go. The downtime wasn’t the result of a shoddy server move, but rather corrupted files – we just took the opportunity to move while we were down anyway.

These, and other, issues will fade away as we get settled into the new server. There will be a lot of changes to the website coming so hang on!