New Augments, and more

Orangebeen has been tirelessly working with Shooth and Igghy to create numerous (200+) new and interesting druid augments for you to discover. These items are now in the game. While working on this project we also did an analysis of the original set of augments and found some issues which required correcting. This means there may be more augments in the original set than were known and/or previously augmentable items now have additional methods of augmentation.

Character descriptions (incl. keywords/appearance) are now stored at the account level. This will allow you to save previously approved descriptions for future use. If you remort and your new character has the same sex/race as one of your previously used descriptions you can select that description and become automatically approved. As this may make descriptions more permanent we will be asking avatars to review previously approved descriptions to make sure they follow the established guidelines. I ask for your cooperation if an avatar should contact you about revising your description

Quest information stored on characters has been limited to the quest vnum and a status value. This has been changed so that a copy of the quest is stored on each character when the quest is assigned. This will allow builders to create more dynamic quests and potentially repeatable quests. The infrastructure was also added to store quest related dialog from NPCs on a character’s quest instance. No quests currently use this but we will work on converting existing quests in the future. The most visible change to you today is the quest command itself (interface has been updated).

Avatar permissions are now set at the account level. This will allow avatars to perform approvals from any character on their account. It will also allow avatar permission to carry over after a remort.

An adjustment has been made to how the thief skill escape improves or
generates practice points. The effect should be less undesirable practice
points from this skill.

The monk skill spin kick has been added to the repertoire command as a toggleable, automatic skill. Let’s call this an experimental change for now. If you try it out please post feedback.


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