Recent Changes/Additions

Containers in rooms, worn, or in your inventory can be searched using the syntax: look in <container> for <item keyword>

Rooms themselves can be searched in a similar way:
look for <item keyword>

I hope it is clear enough that this is NOT the same as the search command, the searching skill, or ‘finding’ things in a room through commands like ‘take chalk’ based on the room description. Note: this is based on existing feature ‘balance -s ‘ that searches your bank.

Looking at a single item (look <item>) will now tell you the number of the item number from your catalog if you have it.

The ‘ask’ command can now be used with shopkeepers to get more information (identify text into your catalog) on items they are selling or can custom. This is not perfect (there are cases when an existing ‘ask’ would prevent the identify text from showing + probably cases where a shopkeeper really shouldn’t know all of the details). I wanted to get it into the game anyway to try it out and to get some feedback.

The lay hands skill has been lowered to level 10. Expect more changes to paladins in the near future.

Mages in Chiiron, Medienne, and Voaleth are now offering a service to recharge wands. There is some chance of failure, however, which destroys the wand. The chance to blow up increases with recharges. To see what services are offered by a mob, use the ‘service’ command while in the room with them.

Additionally, level requirements on many wands has dropped significantly, and generally they have more base charges.

Druid storm spells can no longer be stacked on top of each other. Higher level storms will overtake weaker storms – casting blizzard in a room with a squall will dissipate the squall and replace it with a blizzard. Casting the same type of storm will either oppose it (if its not aligned with you) or add to its duration (if it is). Casting a lower level storm in the midst of a higher level storm is restricted.

Druid storm spells now have a maximum number of affected mobs. This value increases as skill with the spell goes up, but tops out at… something.

Also, damage on tempest, and to a lesser extent tornado, has been lowered.


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