Bard Updates

Two new kinds of skills have been added to the class.

First, there are now four dances (physical skills) which a bard can learn that allow them a small chance to automatically (and immediately) cast a spell on an opponent in the middle of combat. These spells include slow, faerie fire, sleep, and fear. There is no mana cost involved. Which dances are active at any point are configurable through the new repertoire command. (Also useful for other skills – and the list is growing.) An important note: these dances may only occur when a bard dodges or parries an attack.

Check out wayward waltz, flamboyant fandango, perilous pirouette, and terrifying tarantella.

Second, a new series of sonic damage spells were added. These spells are prepped, but cannot be cast. While in combat, there is a chance that one of the bard’s prepped sonic spells will fire. Two of the spells in this series are capable of damaging more than one opponent – and those spells are more likely to fire when fighting multiple foes.

See offnote, caterwaul, disharmony, cacophony, and dissonance.

A new summons spell, song of the fae, is also on offer for those interested.

Finally, a new condition has been added – concussed. Some of the bard’s higher level sonic attacks (and also those from the combat attunement series) are capable of concussing foes.

These additions come with some new quests, and at least one new probably useless quest reward.

Bear with us as we find bugs and fix them, make tweaks, etc. However, I think it is solid enough at this point to open anyone interested.


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