Hostname Update

Please update the hostname used by your client to connect to TFE:

If your client supports secure connections, use port 3999, otherwise 4000.

Do not use the IP to connect.


Edit: A few people have asked so thought I would provide some context about this. MUDs traditionally have used the telnet protocol which sends/receive data in plaintext over your network and over the internet. This potentially exposes things like your password, email address, account name, things you say, etc.

More modern MUD clients include a ‘secure’ option which allows you to connect to the game in a way that encrypts the data sent to/from your client and the game. This is similar to ‘https’ for web sites. Connecting in this way requires that the hostname be used as well as a different port.

Use of the hostname instead of IP also helps us avoid disruption should we need to move the game to another server or if the IP our host assigns changes for some reason.

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