Recent Changes/Additions

GMCP – Some clients support the ability for a game to send information to the client that doesn’t show up on the screen using a protocol called GMCP. TFE now supports this in a limited capacity.

If you are using Mudlet, type: lua display(gmcp) to see if you are receiving the data. You can use this data for the mapper, triggers, etc.

See ‘help GMCP’ for more information.

Channels – Separate communication command for groups “gstatus” – use it for group commands like pfull and to report cure counts. The idea is to free up gtell for actual chatting. (See also: cstatus)

opt reverse and opt info.time now also apply to channel history.

Accessibility – opt will remove some of the repetitive characters (dashes on the who command for example) to help screen readers – see also help accessibility

Corpses – The time it takes player corpses to rot has been extended to ~3 real world
days. This also applies to pets. (empty/looted corpses will rot faster)

Auction – Lots on the auction block will now remain there for some time (days) until they are bid on. Once a lot has a bid the normal countdown will begin. The time column on the auction display will show minutes/seconds remaining abbreviated as m and s.

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