New IP Address

The IP address of our server changed today. Host names should be updated but if you are having trouble, the new IP is:


Want to Support TFE?

We’ve had some questions about how people can support TFE as I haven’t added any donation links to the website. I’ve now added a “Support TFE” page which contains links to two ways you can support us.

We do accept paypal donations to help offset server costs, but we also have partnered with our web host to receive affiliate commissions for every sale we send them. If you’re looking for web, radio, or VPS hosting please consider Websavers.



Hey folks. We’ve been stable on the new server for a while, so there’s some things I want to share with you that we’re working on (in no particular order, and not all things will ever happen / nor are they all particularly feasible).

– SSL Secured access to the MUD (Via stunnel or other means) – We bought the cert, let’s use the crap out of it!
– MUD / Forum Noteboard integration
– Improved MUD/Email integration: The ability to reply to a MUDMail Forwarded to Email and have it go back to the person who sent it to you (Email and MUDMail)
– Additional information (ability lists, etc) on the website.
Many, many, many more…



Since we’re asking you to put your credentials into our fancy-shmancy forums system, we figured the least we can do is protect them for you. To that end, ALL web traffic with our server is now SSL encrypted. Enjoy the safety!



Hello again, folks!

In part of our effort to bring TFE up to speed a bit we’re launching our web forums, available at:

We’re going to work on migrating the Noteboard information over into the Forum databases; right now we have two categories: OOC and Noteboards. Only the “General” noteboard is currently available on the forums as we work on migrating the in-game information over to the forum side. You DO NOT need to register; simply log in with your player’s credentials and you’ll be set up!



Well, it’s been over three days straight and we’re still going strong, so I would like to take this moment to formally declare stability has returned to TFE. We’re running on our new server and compiling cleanly under a more modern version of GCC (4.4.7), with a smaller memory footprint than ever before. Building has recommenced and we continue to press forward to modernizing our ancient game. Maybe by the end of 2013 we can bring TFE into the year 2000!


Server Update Update

After another nasty spot of downtime, we’re back. This time, we’re staying back.

Thank you all for sticking with us through the last few days; it’s been unpleasant all around. Now we’re finally settled on our new server with the new website and everything should be just fine. As always, let the staff know of any issues as they come up. We did have to revert back to our 4/27 pfile backup to avoid any possibility of corruption.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and support.


Server Update

Monday, April 29th 2013: 1pm EST

TFE is back up and running. Thanks all for your patience and, if you weren’t patient, at least for your understanding. A huge thank you to Pato for his coding mastery and getting us running again in the new environment. We MIGHT still have to roll back our pfiles to April 27th’s backup, but we’re hoping not to. We’ll only know based on the results we see with vigorous testing, and there’s no more vigorous test than letting you all back on to do what you do so well (you know, break it).

Thank you!!




The change to the new server brought with it a lot of errors and bugs due to the change of server architecture. No worries; our team is hard at work to get the MUD back online. We expect to be back up and running Monday, April 29th. Meanwhile, I’ve been working hard on getting the website working again with all the bells and whistles. Take a look and let me know what you think.